Perks of tutoring with Aspire

Colorful Lessons

Student learn from beautifully animated, one-on-one lessons, in which important concepts are brightly highlighted.

Recorded Sessions

All tutoring sessions are recorded to the cloud, and students can access them after the session to assist in their studying.

Lesson Transcripts

The dialogue of every session is automatically converted into a written transcript by GoToMeeting.

Weblink to notes

Students have a link to their lesson notes, accessible from a computer, phone, or tablet, making studying a breeze.

Total Convenience

Students can tutor almost anytime and from any location, helping them to balance their busy schedules.

Tutor Selection

Since our tutors are not tied to any particular location, we have access to a bigger talent pool of better tutors.

Proven Curriculum

We have been intensely studying the SAT since its redesign, to give you access to perhaps the most specialized curriculum available.

Detailed Analysis

New students complete a practice test and receive a detailed analysis to guide their future progress.

Our Services

Online is Better

Our students benefit from colorfully animated one-on-one lessons, a live link to lesson notes, and a recording/written transcript of sessions.

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Expert Tutors

Our tutors are graduates of top colleges who have themselves scored in the top 99th percentile on their own SATs and ACTs.

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A Proven Curriculum

Our students benefit from one of the most advanced approaches to the SAT, based on what has worked best with hundreds of students.

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Amazing Results

Our students have been accepted into the best colleges in the world, and have qualified for some of the most prestigious scholarships available.

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