Aspire Test Prep employs a variety of innovative methods intended to customize the learning process and maximize individual students’ learning gains.

Extra Learning Via Videos

Students benefit from supplemental video lessons to help them to grade themselves on assignments and review relevant concepts. With the videos, students can double their learning power, easily correcting problems that were missed as a result of minor errors, and seeking Aspire teacher support when additional explanation is required.

Tiered Learning

The challenge of any classroom learning environment, in person or online, is the difficulty of working simultaneously with unique students, each with their own learning speeds. The Aspire test prep lessons embrace that dynamic by offering multiple practice problems during individual lessons. As some students take their time to digest initial questions testing basic knowledge of a concept, other students are free to move onto a more advanced application of the same concept. Finally, the group can reconvene to quickly discuss all of the problems before moving forward.

Practice Tests

There is simply no substitute for frequent, full length practice tests. Students stepping into their first official, SAT, PSAT or ACT test can feel experienced and totally comfortable, having been through the test several times previously. In addition, full length practice tests provide documentation of learning progress, allowing the Aspire teacher to tailor the process to the needs of each student.

Google Drive

Students upload written assignments to their personalized Google drive where the Aspire teacher, school administrators, parents, and the student can see documentation of the amount of effort being dedicated toward test prep progress.


All classes are video recorded and placed into a folder which they can easily access from the class website.

Detailed Measurement

Lessons are categorized by concepts and sub concepts, and students’ individual progress on each of these benchmarks is recorded via a personalized Excel report.


Information on the test prep class is centered around a website created specifically for that course. The long list of resources being provided to students is conveniently located in a single place and updated in real time. Students can visit this site in order to plan their independent studies.


The lesson notes from every class lesson, plus additional resources, are placed into a Microsoft OneNote notebook and can be accessed via the class website. As new notes are added, they are automatically uploaded onto the page.


Making Practice Fun: Group assignments are reviewed while the Aspire teacher uses Kahoot, a revolutionary new app that makes learning fun by awarding students for correct answers and quick responses. Students feel as though they are playing a video game, and the Aspire teacher receives detailed stats on specific concepts on which each student needs help.