Receive tutoring from a test prep expert from the comfort of your own home.  Aspire Test Prep’s online tutoring clients receive countless benefits:

  • Convenience: tutor from home, school, sports practice, or any location.
  • Flexibility: prepare at unconventional times, very early or late if needed.
  • Quality: benefit from higher quality preparation than what’s available in your immediate area.
  • Technology: students have a link to lesson notes and available recordings of tutoring sessions.
  • Ease: to participate, all students need is a computer with an Internet connection.

One-on-one Online Tutoring Packages:

Our tutoring is currently offered at a simple hourly rate of $80 per hour tutored, billed shortly after each tutoring session.

*Weekly tutoring frequency varies based on the students needs.  The number of weeks is given as a ballpark figure, although some students may tutor as many as 6 hours per week or as few as 1 hour per week.  The average student does two 1-hour sessions per week.


Learning Lab

This is an extremely affordable option for students who can use some support, motivation, and expertise from a test prep expert.  Learning Lab students have access to an online class with no more than 30 members at a time.  Each student works independently on a test prep curriculum, enjoying help from the on-call test prep expert when he/she needs help.  For today’s students who can use an extra push putting in the time needed to succeed on the SAT/ACT/PSAT, the Learning Lab enables them to benefit from working together as a group, with world-class expertise at their fingertips.

SAT/ACT/PSAT Online Learning Lab Packages:

  • 1 week pass: $30
  • 4 week pass: $100
  • 8 week pass: $180